Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hot Stuff

As long as I'm loving embroidery as much as I do right now EVERYONE is getting my work for gift-giving occasions! I have even subjected my poor husband to this. Speaking of my poor husband- he is so awesome. Our love started on can you believe it? We got married almost four years ago. It's a great life. What do I love about him? He's hilarious, and he cooks. That's certainly not all- but it's big.

Another thing you need to know about him is he is hot stuff...I mean, he likes hot stuff. He has an actual hot sauce collection...over 100 bottles. It has been rumored that he only has a mouth and a butt- no intestines inside. How else could he eat the hottest stuff on the planet and never be phased? So what better to make him than an apron that says "hot stuff" with peppers! It turned out cute- just like him!

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