Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cancer Blows!

Someone I love a lot has been diagnosed with cancer (again). Seriously, what is it with cancer- I hate it so much.

This person is on facebook and hasn't mentioned that he/she has cancer, so I'm not saying who but I HAD to share this hankie that I made! When crisis strikes- what do I do? I stitch. What did I make- a hankie. My clever husband, dad and brother helped me come up with the slogan "Cancer Blows". Funny, huh? Hankie...blows...

Since I posted the picture on facebook I already had friend message me with the cancer journey of someone really close to her. She would like one of the hankies- she said, "it would make it so much easier to shed tears in a hankie that speaks the truth." Preach sister, preach.

1 comment:

  1. Yay!!!!
    I mean, seriously, boo. But yay for your cute stitching and yay for posting to peek of the week. Love you!

    Oh, and p.s., come to the beach.