Friday, December 9, 2011

What do you craft for a crafty friend?

Hello stitchers and stitchin' fans! I've been quite for a little while- but believe me- I've been stitchin'! After Christmas there should be a big reveal of the many projects I've been working on.

Good news! I finished embroidering the blocks of the Noah's Ark quilt! It's gonna be SO cute. I am sending the blocks on to my Grandma Lou- my craft inspiration and mentor- she'll help me piece them together when I am home for Christmas.

Today I wanted to show you a piece that might just be my favorite of anything I have stitched so far. This was made for my OTHER craft guru- Jessa! She inspires me all the time. I love that she can pick up just about any craft and do it well. She's super hip and fun- and she is my lady lobster. What is a lady lobster? It's a soul mate, a bff, someone you connect with on a level you don't even understand fully. You see, Jessa and I love the most wonderful TV show ever: FRIENDS. In one episode, Phoebe was describing Ross and Rachel. She says to Ross that he will be with Rachel- they are lobsters. "Lobsters fall in love and mate for life. You can actually see old lobster couple walking around their tanks holding claws."

So that's what we are, friend lobsters for life. When we are old we will walk around holding claws...and crafting.

So for my crafty, besty, lobster- I made this (it is stitched on a canvas bag):

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  1. Sunny! I can't wait to grow old and hold claws and craft! And I love my bag SO SO MUCH!